This is me

I'm Caitlin Collentine from San Francisco, California. I have been doing makeup and hair for 5 years and I love what I do. I’ve always been fascinated by people’s looks. At an early age I was imitating characters I met and relating style to personalities and personalities to style. I gave my mom and sister makeovers regularly and and begged my dad not to cut off his ponytail- when he did I saved it. From playing with my troll doll’s hair to cutting my own into a short pixie at age 13, I played with image and how it shifts perception and creates change. 

I now channel image-making into the way I make a living- I have clients who I see in the salon to create fresh hair looks for, and I travel to sets and shoots to create looks for people- utilizing makeup, hairstyling, and wardrobe to convey insight into the characters that directors need to portray. 


Let me consult with you about your next commercial or movie project.. Let’s further your desired aesthetic with the right wardrobe, hair and makeup choices for your talent. 


Let me make you look amazing for your next big event- be it a wedding, media appearance or ball! I will come to you. 


Come see me at your local hair styling shop, The Pretty Pretty Collective. Let me make you look good while we talk business! Please go to Wabi Sabi Beauty for appointments.